Fall Decor | 2017

Fall Decor

Fall is one of my favorite times of year! The scenery, the scents and flavors. The fall fashion. And the fall decor (only second to Christmas of course!). I’ve been decorating bit by bit since September as I was inspired (and of course had time).  I used mostly what I already had on hand, and a few of the decor pieces will be used into Winter and Christmas Decor (multi-purpose). Continue reading “Fall Decor | 2017”


2014 Recap- 2nd Hand Finds

Did I mention that I love to shop?? Lol, I’m pretty sure I have. However while I love all things fashion and home my wallet doesn’t always keep up with my Pinterest board! Shopping second hand can be a great way to take part in some trends of the season, pick up DIY projects for your home or finds some designer finds for less!

photovisi-download (2)
I love picking up an item and knowing it has history, someone else at some other point in time, used that item in their day to day life. The mirror and brush set were found at a church garage sale as well as the bath powder glass container (I remember my grandmas bathroom always had this for after baths). The gold ‘tray’ is a picture frame I found at Value Village. And the cute little desk I found out with someones trash. I’m always on the lookout for cute tea cups, my collection started with 3 of my Grandmas tea cups.

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