Thirty + Dating = :/

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I was 22 when I started dating my now ex-boyfriend. And 1 year later (less a month) I moved into his place. I felt very “grown-up”. When I look back I realize how young I was, how young we both were. Wow! I didn’t go on a lot of dates prior to my ex, my early twenties or my teen years. And that was ok, because it wasn’t something I really gave too much thought too. I had been in a couple relationships that ended up lasting only a few months but most of my past relationships were with guys I already knew. At 30, most of the guys I know are either in a relationship, engaged or already married. Continue reading “Thirty + Dating = :/”


Reflections on a Year

2013 was not the year I thought it was going to be. I didn’t change the world. I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to. After 2012, ‘The Year of the Break-Up’, I had big visions for 2013 to be better. Way better. I wasn’t going to be held back by anyone so there would be nothing standing in my way, right? Standing on my own two feet, accomplishing all my goals and dreams. Making a difference…  Continue reading “Reflections on a Year”

‘Jesus Is My Boyfriend’

I want to be married! In fact, at 29, I kinda already thought I would be. With one or two babes and maybe another on the way. Oh, and of course, own a house, in the country. That’s always been my dream. However, the reality is I’m single, recently out of a 6 1/2 year relationship and living at home. Oh, and no prospects in sight. You can kind of feel like you may be single forever! (Which FYI, is a REALLY long time!)

I know what I could do to change this ‘FB status’ …I could do on-line dating, ask friends to set me up, troll the aisles at Home Depot 😉 looking for eligible bachelors. Accept every invitation to every ‘event’, only going with the sole purpose of finding a potential husbund. I could even research and switch to the church with the largest single men to single woman ratio. I could try to orchestrate a ‘divine encounter’ that could lead me to picking out china patterns and baby names.  Continue reading “‘Jesus Is My Boyfriend’”