Cdn Spring Vibes VoxBox Unboxing & Review

Spring Vibes VoxBox

Unboxing & Review

Today I’m doing a little unboxing & review for my Spring Vibes VoxBox that was sent to me by Influenster. Have you guys heard of Influenster? (Insta: InfluensterCanada and Influenster) They’re a website for product discovery and reviews in all kinds of categories, from Beauty and Health to Food and Home (and that’s just to name a few categories). They also send out products for review. This Spring Vibes VoxBox was sent to me complimentary for review purposes, however all opinions are my own.

The Spring box was a lovely mix of beauty, food and home.

Let’s get started…

Annie’s Homegrown Organic Shells & Real Aged Cheddar

Have you guys tried Annie’s Homegrown Organic Mac n Cheese? I first tried it a few years ago when I was a nanny for my friends kids. I thought it was delicious! Creamy and cheesy goodness! I usually added a little hot sauce to mine. (The kids would add ketchip lol) I was sent the “Shells with Real Aged Cheddar” in the Spring Vibes VoxBox and I enjoyed testing it out for lunch one day. Annie’s is easy to make and yummy for kids AND adults! lol (*Its best to make the sauce, after you’ve cooked the pasta, in the pot without the pasta (leave it in the strainer) and then mix the pasta back in. Hope that made sense! lol This makes sure the sauce is fully mixed.)  I don’t eat this all the time but it is a yummy lunch on chilly day.

ARM & HAMMER™ Liquid Laundry Detergent, Clean Burst

The VoxBox included a coupon to pick up a free laundry detergent from Arm&Hammer. I really like the fresh scent of this detergent. I had been using a powder detergent but had been considering switching to a liquid anyway to help with the powder residue on some of my clothes. Boo! The baking soda helps fight stains (Yahh) and gets rid of any odors. I bought the cold water version to help cut back on the amount of hot water used. This small bottle (which says it will clean 50 loads) was relatively inexpensive so I would consider buying it again.

NESCAFÉ® Sweet & Creamy Original/

French Vanilla Instant Coffee Sachets

These Nescafe instant coffee packets are super convenient to take on the go. Just add hot water! Instant coffee certainly has come a long way as these are pretty tasty. They are a little sweet for my taste though and are more “latte” tasting then straight up coffee. So though they wouldn’t be my go to daily coffee fix, they would be wonderful to throw in a bag to go camping or on a road trip or even in a carry on to bring with on travels.

Nature Valley FRUIT & NUT BARS

I’ve bought Nature Valley granola bars before and have always enjoyed them and thought they made a great snack. I’m the type of person to carry some kind of snack in my purse in case I get hungry throughout the day! lol And granola bars are the perfect size to carry around. I tried the Orchard Fruit and Dark Chocolate Cherry  granola bar and I thought they were both delicious! The Dark Chocolate Cherry was my favorite, loved the combination of the dark chocolate goodness with delicious cherry.


I already mentioned this Nivea body oil in my 5 Summer Essentials / Beauty post so I won’t go on too much more about it. However I will say that I’m enjoying this body oil to wear during the day or night. I find it moisturizing but not greasy and to wear it during the day gives legs and arms a nice glowy sheen. (Perfect for summer when you want to be a bit “glowy”) I’m not 100% fan of the scent from the oils however I find it doesn’t linger so it doesn’t bother me too long.


I’ll admit, when I first opened this, I wasn’t that excited with the imPress Press On Manicure. 1- I haven’t worn a french tip in years. 2- I am liking the more oval/coffin shape over square. And 3- they were looking a little shorter then I would normally like for a fake nail (my own nails were longer then the fake ones). My opinion did change a little bit once I tried them out though. While they might not be the shape or color that I would have chosen, the fact that they were super quick and simple to apply really impressed me. I’m not a fan of waiting for polish to dry and I regularly end up smudging a nail or two! I could imagine popping these on before an event or date and running out the door-nails done! They do have many colors/patterns to choose from and even oval shapes. There are 30 nails in each package so I imagine it would be easy to get at least a couple “manicures” out of it! Or mix and match with other packages. I also love how natural they look which I believe is due to the somewhat flexible nail base (part that sticks to your nail), they don’t look thick at all! (which is a personal pet peeve of mine. lol) I have noticed a few of them, say when I scratch my arm or head, that I can feel the nail wiggle/shift around a bit. They do seem to stay on though.

PopSockets LLC was kind enough to include this cool little product in the VoxBox! I’ve seen either this or something similar (can’t quite remember) and have wanted one for a bit. It makes scrolling through Insta a bit easier on my pinky (you know what I’m talking about! lol) as well as taking a selfie. The website says: “PopSockets “pop” whenever you need a grip, a stand, an earbud-management system, or just something to play with.” I use the stand to prop my phone up to watch YouTube videos in the morning when I’m getting ready. The Popsocket can easily be re-positioned without loosing it’s “stick” (**From the website “While PopSockets do not stick to all devices and cases — especially those made of silicone or with a waterproofing coating — they do stick to most typical devices and cases.”) You can also custom design your own, which sounds pretty cool!

And if you’re unfamiliar with Ebates, I’ll leave my referral link if you want more info. But basically it’s a great website that actually pays you Cash Back every time you shop online and it’s free to join! works with over 750 stores that ship to Canada including,, eBay, Sears, Old Navy, Forever21 and Groupon (even flights!). Definitely recommend if you do any kind of online shopping!

Well that’s it for all the products that came in my Spring Vibes VoxBox. I hope this little review was helpful in some way. Comment below if you’ve used any of the above and what your thoughts are. Or what you would like to try out for yourself.



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