Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer Highlights!

Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer Highlights

Hey guys! I wanted to bring a special post and highlight some of the awesome deals going on in the Shoppers Drug Mart flyer! (Disclaimer: I’m in the Edmonton area and I can’t guarantee every flyer has the same items as well as that every store has the same stock) If you’re like me, watching beauty Youtubers and haul videos, then I’m sure you have a ridiculously long list of items that you’re wanting to try! #YouTubemademebuyit And what better way to try one of said products than by getting it on sale!!

And if it’s an item you’ve been eyeing for a while but were hesitant to dole out the cash due to price, well even better! #winning! I’ll leave the link to the flyer (which runs from Sat April 8 to Thursday April 13) so you can check out everything that’s on sale but I just wanted to highlight a few of the things I’m excited about. *My wallet not so much :/

(Oh! Did you hear I started a YouTube channel?? Hmmm, hmmm, in case you didn’t I have a couple videos posted already (more to come) and the latest is an Boxycharm unboxing! Check it out here! And if you like it be sure to give it a thumbs up and hit that Subscribe button before you leave 🙂 )

Ok so let’s get started!

I’ve heard so many good things about the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and Butter Blush. Only thing is, the Butter Blush is  about $20 (The blush is about $14-15)! A little steep IMO for a drugstore brand :/ But…this week at Shoppers, select Physicians Formula cosmetic products are 30% OFF! I haven’t been in to Shoppers yet but I’m really hoping those two are included in the sale!

Next up… I got one of the travel size Avene Thermal Spring Water in a “Put A Bow on It‘ (Canadian) subscription box that I won awhile back and I love it! It’s a fine mist, I still have it in my purse and use it mid-day on my face when I need a little refresh. There are three sizes and if this is included in the sale I would recommend it. I received a couple other products in the subscription box from Avene as well but have yet to try them. (Avene, Ducray or A-Derma-Select skincare products 20% off)

I was going to re-purchase my Joe Fresh highlighting concealer this week when I saw that Shoppers had included the brand in their flyer. Yahhh! Again I’ll have to go into the store to see if the concealer is actually included (fingers crossed!), the flyer only says that ‘selected types Joe Fresh Makeup, starting at $6. I’m intrigued to try out some of the other products in this line. I also have a nude lip liner that I really like. I’m thinking I’m going to do a full face First Impressions video over on my channel using this brand at some point, so stay tuned for that!

Interested in trying out some NYX lip products? I have a NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick that I received in a previous Ipsy bag and I love it so I would love to try some of their other products! This week they have NYX Butter Gloss, Concealer Wand or Concealer (selected types) on for $7.99. The NYX Soft Lip Cream is on for $8.99 (selected types). I’m always down for trying new concealers as well!

I just purchased the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder a couple days ago. I bought it to carry with me to apply if I get shiny throughout the day. I’ve only used it a couple times but I like it so far. It was actually on sale at Shoppers. I noticed in the flyer that another Rimmel product was on sale. The Rimmel London Magnif’ Eyes Shadow Palette is 25% off. It looks like a pretty colour palette and if you’re wanting to try a new palette, getting it on sale is key. I haven’t tried this palette so I can’t speak to the colour payoff or quality, but at 25% off it may be worth the price to try it out.

And if you’re shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart, don’t forget to sign up for their rewards program. You can earn points towards free rewards and any time I can earn free stuff from things I was purchasing anyway-well I like it! They also have opportunities to earn extra points on certain days, purchase amounts or products.

Also, from Sat March 25 to Friday April 21, 2017, receive a contest card (for a chance to win 1 of 3 $10,000 grand prizes) when you spend $10 or more. (Check out their website for legal stuff and specific details). I was only about $1 short so I ran back and grabbed an Essence black eyeliner because I wanted a chance to win this! LOL.

I also wanted to add that it’s possible that even though something is on sale somewhere, it could still be cheaper somewhere else (so it’s helpful to either do your research or have an idea of what prices are elsewhere). I’m also frustrated that you usually can’t test out products at the drugstore at all so I rely on online reviews/videos to help me decide if I want to try it out for myself.

I’d love to hear what your drugstore ride-or-dies are? What would you love to try if it was on sale? And what did you score during this sale? Let me know in the comments below!







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