‘Our Story’ Wedding Gifts A+M and B+A

photovisi-download June 11, 2016 was the first of two weddings I attended last month. Two amazing people saying “I do” surrounded by their friends and family, followed by a delicious taco bar and dancing. The decor was simple but beautiful transforming a dull boring hall into a beautiful backdrop for the celebration to continue into the night. Lace, baby’s breath, twinkle lights, mason jars, handmade wood signs and a photo backdrop completed this wedding decor.

photovisi-download (1)

June 18, 2016 was the second wedding I attended. Another amazing couple saying “I do”. This backdrop was set out of the city on a beautiful acreage owned by the groom’s family. A stage built for the couple to say their vows on that later turned into the dance floor. A Polaroid picture guestbook. A huge white tent to dine in with the forest as a stunning backdrop for the head table (no DIY needed). Tables covered in white tablecloths, burlap and beautiful blooms. Champagne and delicious authentic Filipino food (yum, pancit and chicken adobo). What a fun night!

photovisi-download (2)

photovisi-download (3)

I made both these projects at the same time. If you are familiar with some of my other DIY posts, you would have seen that I made something very similar for a wedding two years ago (that beautiful couple is currently expecting their first little babe! Eeeeekkkk!!) For that “Our Story’ board I used re-claimed barnboard I had found at a local antique store. For this project I wanted the same idea but to make a little different version. I was out at my Moms and she had some old boards laying around (I love upcycling!). I was able to cut one board into 8 pieces to make both projects. I then found another leftover board that happened to be the exact height I needed to make stands on the back and cut into 4 pieces using an ax to naturally split the board. The great thing about that is I believe it added to the rustic look since the pieces weren’t uniform. I even used old nails to attach the stand pieces to the front. This way the piece can stand by itself and it doesn’t need to be hung up or leaned against something to display. Once all the pieces were together I took some leftover stain (light brownish one and a darker brown one) and covered all the cut ends to blend in with the aged board.

For the writing I use a trick I found online. I printed off the words/numbers in the font and size I wanted, then took a piece of white chalk and ran it alone the back of what I printed. Then flipped the paper over, placed each cut out piece where I wanted it and used a pen to outline each letter/number. This leaves a outline of what you want on the wood. Then I just choose the colours I wanted and painted it with a small brush. This is a very simple project, with the painting being the most time consuming. I love the finished look though and was very excited to wrap these custom projects up for both couples!

Well that was it for weddings for me this summer. There are, however, 5 of my friends that are expecting babies this year! So more projects on the way!


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