Casserole Carrier -Wedding Shower Gift

A friend of mine is getting married this month!! Yahhh, not only do I love weddings in general but I’m especially excited for this beautiful lady because the long journey she’s been on to get here. And not just finding a awesome guy to marry. Although that is part of it. Her journey has included everything from spiritual, physical, relational and personal. She always has an encouraging word and a smile for you. I believe her story will impact a lot of different people in different ways.

Heart candle holders, heart shaped whipped cream for the hot chocolate bar, heart candies, and other heart shaped foods, gifts, a few wedding shower games and the beautiful guest of honour made for a lovely evening!

For her valentines theme wedding shower I made her a cute little casserole carrier. She loves to cook and bake and I thought it would be a perfect little addition to her kitchen. I searched for ideas on Pinterest (my favourite idea/inspiration place) and came across a couple blogs with the instructions I needed to make the carrier. Here are the two blogs I used for instructions.

Two Little Hooligans (I used this post for the majority of the carrier. You can check out full instructions on her blog)

Homemade By Jill (I used this post for the handles, vs sewing them using fabric)

I had this fabric in my fabric stash (because everyone has a fabric stash right?)

This is the fabric I started with. I had both of these fabrics on hand and thought they coordinated beautifully. I made a trip to Marshall Fabrics for the insulated liner and the strapping for the handles.


In progress pictures. Again, for full instructions visit Two Little Hooligans. This was a pretty simple project to put together. The only changes I made is using buttons instead of Velcro (mainly because I didn’t have any and didn’t pick any up) however I do love the look of the buttons vs Velcro. I also added a little elastic spoon holder.

IMG_3032 IMG_3033 IMG_3034 IMG_3035 IMG_3036 IMG_3038

Here is the finished product! I love how it turned out! And the bride to be loved it too! Yahhh! (I also had a couple inquiries to make more from a few of the people who were at the shower, which is very cool).


With some of the leftover fabric and insulated liner I also made a couple matching pot holders! These were super easy to put together and the instructions are similar to the casserole carrier. I added decorative stitching and a little hanging tab to finish off the pot holder.

I loved this project and how simple it was to put together. I’ll definitely be making more of these! Also I need to make one for myself!





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