Vintage Inspired Wedding Gift

At the end of November last year, two of the most awesome people got married! I was so excited for these two love birds to tie the knot! I remember praying with the groom (in our Life Group) for his future bride, and then not too long after he met her, and she was everything on his list!

photovisi-download (2)
Beautiful gold, glitter. lace and branches set the mood for this beautiful, glamorous, romantic wedding! I loved the way they used armoires and old wooden doors to decorate the space. Its hard to see in the picture, but behind the bride and groom at the head table is a stunning floral backdrop that the bride made!!!

Their wedding was a beautiful mix of both of them with glitter and gold and tree branches. For their wedding gift I also wanted something they would love that would reflect both of them. I had a old window frame from our previous church building that was sold last year. It was perfect for the start of a gift for this couple. The fact that they had also met at that building was definitely a bonus to the sentimental value. I also had seen at the brides house, on a decorative wooden block, the saying “Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a Fairytale.” I also have a stamp set that has this saying and I knew I wanted to incorporate it into the gift.


I started by sanding and priming the window frame. Then I spray painted it gold and finished with a off white paint that I already had on hand. I also primed and painted a piece of thin wood to finish the back and attached picture hanger hooks that I found at Home Depot. I then sanded and touched up with the gold spray paint to give the frame a vintage, worn look.

I had seen on Pinterest projects where a picture is transferred onto wood (This video on YouTube, posted by HeyKayli was a great how-to reference!) and I loved that idea using the couples engagement pictures they had posted on FB. I measured and got four pieces of wood cut at Home Depot and  purchased the Mod Podge (antique matte finish) and the Gloss Gel Gel Medium at Michaels. For the pictures I re-sized them, added the words as well as their wedding date on a picture editing program. I also flipped the pictures (because when you are transferring them to the wood, they are being placed face down. If I hadn’t my words would have ended up back words on the wood!) and had them printed at Staples.

IMG_2484 IMG_2485 IMG_2486 IMG_2487 j IMG_2492

The final product! I loved how it turned out! It helps that their engagement photos were so amazing!


To wrap I used a kraft brown gift wrapping paper from Michaels. I love using this for wrapping because it’s such a great neutral that you can add any color or decoration to. I added different colour paper doilies and natural jute twine to finish off the look!

I’m happy to report that the bride and groom loved their gift! Yahhh, I’m always a little nervous when I’m giving a hand-made gift vs a registry gift!

What do you think? Do you usually go with a registry gift or a hand-made gift? What’s your favourite gift to make/give?

**I just wanted to add that the amazing engagement photographs of these two were shot by Kelly Redinger. I seriously had a tough time narrowing down all these beautiful pictures to just four. You can check out more of his work on his website-click here.


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