2014 Recap- 2nd Hand Finds

Did I mention that I love to shop?? Lol, I’m pretty sure I have. However while I love all things fashion and home my wallet doesn’t always keep up with my Pinterest board! Shopping second hand can be a great way to take part in some trends of the season, pick up DIY projects for your home or finds some designer finds for less!

photovisi-download (2)
I love picking up an item and knowing it has history, someone else at some other point in time, used that item in their day to day life. The mirror and brush set were found at a church garage sale as well as the bath powder glass container (I remember my grandmas bathroom always had this for after baths). The gold ‘tray’ is a picture frame I found at Value Village. And the cute little desk I found out with someones trash. I’m always on the lookout for cute tea cups, my collection started with 3 of my Grandmas tea cups.

photovisi-download (4)
One of my favourite designers is Michael Kors, but his items are mostly out of my budget right now. I found these beautiful Michael Kors loafers at a consignment shop in Sherwood Park! The vintage black and white Holt Renfrew purse was found at Strathcona Antique Mall and the Guess bag was from Goodwill! Who says fashion has to be expensive!
photovisi-download (5)
I love finding second hand items that I can do a little DIY on. The clock and frame were both painted yellow to add a pop of colour to my kitchen. I love how the bright colour updates what would otherwise be an outdated kitchen clock! Those leopard print shoes are J.Crew and the black bag is Danier, both were found at Goodwill!
That breadbox was a second hand DIY project from another year but I’m loving the addition of the gold mirrors and teacups to my front entrance. I found both of those at Value Village. The old lantern I found at a cute little antique store west of the city called Yellowhead Trading Post, the yellow magazine holder is from Goodwill and the end table was another treasure headed for the trash! Goodwill is also a great place for books, I have bought many books and coffee table books from there. I couldn’t resist the cute handheld beater (also with a little pop of yellow on the handle) and the tea pot cookie cutters! Makes me want to host a little tea party!

My absolute favourite second hand store is Goodwill, not only can you find some great gems at amazing prices but they also are a company that gives back. Shopping you can feel good about! Find out how you can donate gently used items and help out your community, here!  Some other favourites for second hand gold are Value Village, Old Strathcona Antique Mall and Rocky Mountain Antique Mall. Some of my finds have even came from Kijiji and Backalley Finds (aka. someone put it out with the trash!) I’ve always got my eyes open for a ‘buried treasure’ and DIY projects.

Where’s your favourite places to find second hand treasures?



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