Recovered Ottoman Bench


A friend of mine (who just got married at the end of Nov!!) was cleaning out her place in getting ready for her future husband to move in his belongings and she was getting rid of a white ottoman bench she had been using as a coffee table in her living room. So I took it off her hands with the intention of recovering it. 


Here’s a few pictures of the process. First step was removing the legs and removing the crystal buttons and leather that was originally covering the ottoman. I found out that the cushioning under the fabric was in great condition, which is great because that was one less step that I had to worry about! Then I sanded and spray painted the legs pink (because after all my friend may have gotten married and had to de-girlify her place a bit but I’m still single and can make my place as girly and pretty and flowery and PINK as I want! haha). I have never recovered anything so it really was a project of ‘learn as you go along’ and trying to reconstruct how the ottoman was covered originally. This project only took a couple days (only because I let the legs dry overnight) to complete. A couple tips I found (again, not an expert 🙂  To recover; I stapled the fabric under the one long side of the bench but found when I started putting the crystal buttons in place the fabric was not as snug on the side as I would like. Easy fix though, once all the buttons were in pace I took out the staples, pulled the fabric snug and re-stapled! I stapled the fabric to the other underside of the long part of the bench and then finished with stapling the fabric to the underside of the ends of the bench. Also, with the crystal buttons, or any buttons you’re using, you need to watch the tension when you’re pulling the string or fishing wire through the holes otherwise you’ll end up with some buttons deeper than others.

I had enough fabric to use to cover the underside of the bench. Just fold the edges to create a cleaner edge. Ironing always helps with that too. Attach the legs, staple the fabric on the underside and voila! Done!


The finished product! The fabric I already had on hand (I had originally picked it up at Marshall Fabrics, for $0.99/metre!) and I used spray paint that was left over from this baby shower project. The crystal buttons were from the original ottoman so all in all this was a very inexpensive DIY project! I love how it turned out, the bright pink legs and crystal buttons add the pretty girly touch that I wanted but the beautiful grey fabric adds a ‘maturity’ to the bench. Girly without being childish.

I originally thought I might use this in place of the coffee table I have in my living room but decided that it would be a perfect addition to my bedroom! Stay tuned for more projects from my bedroom re-design including a full room ‘tour’! I want my room to feel like a beautiful, girly retreat and this beautiful ottoman bench takes it one step closer!

What do you think? What are some DIY projects you’re working on? Anyone else wish they had a bigger space (or even an actual shop) for all the projects they’re working on (or would like to work on)?? Cause I do! lol



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