Baby Shower & Baby Blocks


A close friend of mine recently had her first baby, and as I predicted ;), it was a girl! Such a precious little cutie, and she stole my heart the moment I met her! I love that I get to be her ‘Auntie’ and I get to spoil her and love her and teach her lessons that only an Auntie could! 


For a baby shower gift I made a trip to Blue Jar Antique Mall for some inspiration. I found these cute vintage rocking crib ends and baby blocks and an idea was born (get it, lol) to make a cute little name decoration for Gabi’s room. So with a lot of sanding, primer and some freehand painting I had a precious little diy project. I like to personalize gifts when possible, the little bird and branch is the same as on the bedding in her crib. I just studied a picture her Mom had posted on FB.


Sandpaper (I used a 80 grit to remove the paint)


Paint (I used sample pots of Behr Ultra in Orion Grey (which I had used for another project and added white paint to make the lighter grey), Ballerina Tutu and Sweetheart. I also used Folkart Acrylic Paint in Raw Sienna and Country Twill)

Various size paintbrushes

Glue (to glue blocks)

Picture hanging hook to attach to back

*And because there were two crib ends, I still have the other side for another project! Perhaps another baby gift 🙂


Her sisters put on an amazing baby shower, so here’s a couple pics. Also a birdie theme. They really outdid themselves! The honey in mason jars was the perfect take home favour!


A final look at the finished project! I love when a project turns out to the way I pictured it would!

What are some projects you are working on right now?


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