Our Story’ Wedding Gift; D+S


June 28,2014 was the perfect day for D to marry her best friend, S. They had been set up on a blind date 2 years before by some very persistent soccer moms. June 28 was also perfect because it was the 2 year anniversary of their first date! 

I love this couple, I’m so happy for them and I was so honoured to be apart of their big day.

Of course I couldn’t just get them any old wedding gift so I decided to make something wonderful for them. I headed down to a newer antique store in Edmonton, ‘Blue Jar Antique Mall’. I didn’t know quite what I wanted to make so I was looking for inspiration! I found this booth that sold re-claimed barn board so I shifted through, found some cool pieces and the idea was born from there. Of course I also visited Pinterest for some inspiration as well!


I got a piece of thin board at Home Depot to act as the backing to attach the barn board pieces. I got it cut to 2’x1 1/2′ and cut down the barn board to fit.

Materials Used:

thin board backing (cut to desired size)

barn board

hand saw or saw

Primer and Paint (for the board backing) *I used CIL Dimensions Primer and Behr Ultra in Orion Gray (Tip: For a lot of projects I just get the sample size, saves money and space at home for storing paint)

Finishing nails and/or screws (to attach barn board to backing. I ended up using both because I wanted to ensure that the barn boards were very secure)

Hammer/Screwdriver or Power Drill

Stencil with your dates (I made my own by printing off dates on my computer and cutting them out with a knife)

Crafters Acrylic Paint (for the stencil and writing) *I used ‘Black’ and ‘Spun Gold’

Heavy Duty Picture Hanger Hooks (I got some from Home Depot)

Various sized paint brushes


The finished product as well as a pic of it’s new home, hanging beside a cute little workspace in the couples home!

With wedding season in full swing, what are some projects you are working on, either for your own wedding or for a gift? Share in the comments below…


2 thoughts on “Our Story’ Wedding Gift; D+S

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