Upcycled Breadbox & Picture Frame

I love shopping in thrift stores, second hand stores, antique stores, garage sales… anywhere I can find items I can re-use, re-purpose and re-inspire! I love the appeal of shopping in stores like Home Sense and Winners (a couple of my fave stores) but I would much rather mix and match old with new then have a home that looks like its out of a flyer or catalogue. My home reflects my personality, I call it vintage glam! Lol. The old and vintage mixed in with a bit of sparkle and glam. In fact my favourite designer is Sarah Richardson. I am inspired in how she can mix an old beautifully weathered flea market table with a gorgeous sparkly chandelier. How she’ll take an item and refresh it with a coat of spray paint and it looks completely different. I love how she uses colour and texture and pattern in her spaces and they look so beautiful and inviting, not formal and stuffy.

Here’s a couple projects that I upcycled and ‘re-inspired’. (Sorry, I forgot to take before pictures so you’ll just have to use your imagination, lol)

Re-Inspired Breadbox
I found this breadbox at Goodwill (a favourite place to dig for amazing finds!) I envisioned it as a great catch all at the front door. I repainted it using CIL Latex Interior and Premium Eggshell Paint (don’t forget the primer!) and finished with a clear gloss to seal and protect. I love the dimension of the lighter colour on the outside and the darker colour on the inside. I had originally switched out the knob for one from Anthropology (if you haven’t been in that store, go now! some very cool finds. Even if they are ‘new’ and replicas, it’s a great place for inspiration) but it was too big, so I just painted the wooden knob that came with the box. I love how the front of the box the paint naturally came off in the cracks giving it a cool vintage, imperfect look. What do you think?

Picture Frame to Jewelry Hanger
This frame I found ‘on the curb’ so to speak, and I envisioned it as a pretty jewelry hanger. I had some wooden pegboard that I cut down to fit inside the frame. (You can find this at any home reno store). I used the same colours that I used for the breadbox (prime, paint and seal) Beautiful, right?

Both of these projects were very simple to do and not too time consuming (only waiting for the paint to dry) and all it took was a little paint to make these items new again!


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