Date Filled Oatmeal Cookies


I remember going to visit my grandma and one of the first things we would do is raid the freezer for baked goods. They were the best when still slightly frozen. This was one of my favorites that my Grandma made. Well that and butter tarts and date squares and… 

This was the first time I made them myself and they were a big hit! These cookies are delicious and very filling! I’m always reminded of my grandma when I’m enjoying one of these yummy cookies. I ended up with extra cookies, which I put in the freezer. (You can also freeze the cookie with the date filling) Now all I would need to do is make up a batch of the date filling. 🙂

I found the recipe in a Company’s Coming cookie recipe book, you can also find it here!


What’s a favourite recipe of yours? Any family favourites? Please share in the comments below 🙂


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