Keep Your Toes Toasty – Crochet Booties

Last year, I was re-introduced to crocheting when a friend of mine had a mini ‘how to crochet’ get together. I picked it up pretty quickly and my first project was an infinity scarf. I was surprised how quickly that project came together and I was ‘hooked’ (haha, get it 😉 ) ever since. So here’s a look at a Christmas gift I made for a friend of mine. (Actually the Mom to the little girl I made this frilly apron for).

These were the first pair of slippers I had attempted so again I turned to google for a little inspiration and guidance. The pattern/instructions for the slipper boots can be found here. I wanted them to have a very luxurious feeling so I added a bootie liner. I purchased a faux wool feeling fabric at Marshal Fabrics. I bought 1/2 meter of fabric, which I knew would be more than enough. I could probably make another few liners from the remaining fabric. I searched for a ‘how to’ for a boot liner and found this blog, H is for Handmade. When I was cutting the top part of the liner, I measured my slipper to allow extra to fold down the cuff on the top of the slipper. I made sure to sew the lining with the wool side facing out so that after you are done sewing all your seams and turn the boot liner inside out, the wool side will be on the inside of the liner. Once both liners were sewn I put them into the slipper, folding down the cuffs to match and sewed all around the top of the bootie, sewing the cuff to the slipper.100_1401




I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. They feel amazing, soft and luxurious when you slip your feet into them. I also like that with the lining you can’t feel the sole of the slipper, which I have found can be a bit uncomfortable with the crochet ‘stiches’.

I’m looking forward to crocheting future projects and will keep you posted 🙂

What’s your favourite crochet project? Let me know in the comments below.


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