2014 Vision Board



A new year means new challenges, new opportunities and a chance to evaluate old goals and set new ones. Regardless of how your 2013 turned out or how successful you feel the year was, now is a chance to turn the page and re-align yourself with the hopes and dreams you may have thought could never happen. Writing down your goals, or creating a vision board is a great way to keep your goals in front of you and keep momentum going so that you don’t get distracted and pulled off the path to achieving your goals. There’s a saying that there’s no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic deadlines! So even if you didn’t achieve what you wanted to last year, don’t quit, just re-evaluate your timeline or re-commit yourself to the goal if you got a little lazy or distracted (as is what I need to work on this year)!

When I was making my 2014 vision board, I tried to focus on my 2014 goals. (I will be making a larger, long term vision board with bigger dreams that have a longer timeline to achieve).



My ‘categories’ that I used are:

‘Personal’ (Buying a home, travel, reading, journaling, spiritual time and reading the bible and my ‘wish list’)

‘Giving Back’ (a couple different charities I would like to contribute to this year as well as I have a goal to put together 10 Christmas Hampers for families for Christmas. I had an opportunity with a group from my church to bless a family Christmas 2013 and it was amazing and it made me want to bless even more families this year)

‘Fitness’ (different ways I want to use to workout as well as a goal to compete and complete the Spartan Race, which is a 5km obstacle course. The Spartan Race scares me a little, I’ve never participated in any type of run but hey, as they say, if your goals don’t stretch and challenge you then you need to set bigger goals!)

‘Business and Entrepreneurship’ (this includes growing my Primerica business and income as well as working on my blog and other ideas I have).

I’m a very visual person which is why I love having a vision board with pictures but I also love words, so I also used words to describe the goals that I would like to achieve, motivational words, as well as words that I want to ‘become’ (ie. the way I would like to be described by someone else).

What do you do to set up your year? Do you have New Years Resolutions or goals? And what do you do to stay on track to achieve your goals? Let me know in the comments below 🙂



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