October Confessions

October Confessions!

5. The Kardashian’s- people either love them or hate them it seems, I lean towards the ‘love’ side. I like watching their shows, they are entertaining and really seem to care about family. They make mistakes but don’t let those mistakes define them. I love their style. I follow them on twitter and would absolutely buy their products (love some of the styles from their Kardashian Kollection for Sears). I would love to meet them someday (especially Kim). Some may see spoiled, rich brats who are ‘famous for being famous’ but I see strong, beautiful, hard-working, successful woman who run a huge empire. Haters gonna hate though…

4. I like watching ANTM (aka America’s Next Top Model) but grow tired of the ‘girl’ drama all the time! I know it makes for ‘interesting TV but most of the time I just wish they would focus on the reason they came on the show (which I believe was to win a modeling competition with some pretty impressive prizes and a jump start to an amazing career!) Usually I fast forward through the cattiness…

3. I love making personalized gifts (as opposed to purchased, as I wrote about in a previous post) but I usually leave it to the last minute to start or decide last minute to make something at all. (Stay up all night, the night before a wedding, making a scrapbook…no problem! Decide 5 hrs before a baby shower to make two (for twins) cute little tri-fold picture frames…why not!)

2. I’ll watch anything with Sarah Michelle Gellar in it because secretly/not secretly I’m still a huge ‘Buffy’ fan (aka ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, way before Twilight or Vampire Diaries became popular). I’m still sad that her new show ‘Ringer’ was cancelled (I liked it). And as recently as a couple months ago I watch all 7 seasons of ‘Buffy’ on Netflix (not back to back though 😉 I do have a life you know.)

1. I’m not interested in jumping on the ’50 Shades of Grey’ bandwagon. I’ve had several people recommend the book to me but personally I don’t find bondage, S&M and the like to be very romantic. I’ve heard the book referred to as ‘mommy-porn’ and if I’m not ok with my spouse looking at porn (not to mention the affects this industry has on woman, men, relationships and families) then why should there be a different standard for me!


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